Dylan Clark: Summer Bummer Part

December 12, 2017 3:26 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Dylan Clark just dropped his Summer Winter part that was supposed to be a summer part. Whatever you call it, this is heavy for a 16 year old or for anyone. As @Marshallstackreid said “I can’t believe the stuff you guys are doing these days. This would have been an ender to a pro’s video part in my day!” He seems to have a thing for kink rails, because you will find another one he decides to tame further into the video (someone want to count how many kinks that one has for me). It’s not just the big rails that makes his skating so fun to watch, it’s the way he controls his tricks like when he does a kickflip back tail to pop out. Let’s just say, I doubt this is the last time we will be posting about Dylan. Until next post, we are best.

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